SmartRain.Store is a shopping site dedicated to saving you more money by high demand products worldwide. Daily low prices are just the beginning, because our heavy rains of discounts and promotions in real time gives you the power to make prices fall even more as you buy.
To place an order, go to the page of a product, select the desired quantity of the item and add it to your cart through the "Add to cart" button. Before paying, you will be asked to create an account or log in to your existing account. During payment, you only need to enter or confirm your shipping address and credit card information, then you can place your order.
Orders are normally processed within 1-4 days. Shipping and delivery times vary by product, demand and destination. Once the purchase is made, we will contact you via email to give you information about your shipment and then offer you the "tracking number". To see the estimated shipping dates for your orders, please visit "Track Order" for more information. You can track the delivery progress of your package at any time from this area.
You can view your order history by visiting the "Track Orders" page in the SmartRain.Store account section.
If you want to check the status of the delivery process of your order, you can find the most up-to-date tracking information by visiting "Order History". Click on "Track Order" to see the estimated date of arrival of your order and the tracking history. Please keep in mind that depending on the product, the demand and your country, the tracking / tracking information available may take a while. But don't worry that our "Customer Service" department will contact you to give you the "order tracking number" as soon as you have it ready.
We treat a credit card with a new billing address as a brand new card. If your billing address changes, just remove your old card from your account and add the card again with the new, updated billing address. This allows us to have the most accurate and up-to-date information in your account.
We strive to keep shipping costs low. The shipping price associated with each item is shown before the closing of the transaction. The cost varies according to the size, weight and destination of your order. Since items can be shipped from different locations, shipping costs apply separately for each item ordered.
SmartRain.Store is a global platform that connects customers with products from our manufacturers around the world. Your order could be shipped from a variety of locations depending on the location of the product.
All items can be returned within 30 days of delivery. To return an item, please contact SmartRain.Store Customer Service through the app or website and follow the relevant instructions. Please note that we may not cover shipping cats for all orders. For more information, please review our Return Policy.
We currently accept payments through the following payment providers: • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cirrus and Maestro. • Google Wallet (Android Pay). • Apple Pay. • PayPal. • Shopify Pay. • Amazon Pay. We cannot accept cash, bank transfer or installment payment. Please note that the list of available payment methods may change depending on the country you are in and the platform you are using, and that all payments are made in US dollars.
SmartRain.Store shows prices in your local currency. The currency may change depending on your location at the time of purchase. If you use your credit card for a payment in foreign currency, most banks will allow you to pay, although they may charge you a fee for this service. Please check with your bank to see if you can make international payments.
Discount or promotion codes allow you to save even more on your order. To redeem a code, please follow these steps: Visit your cart. When you are ready to make your purchase, click on the promotion code field and enter your code Click on "Use." Your cart will be updated to reflect the added discounts. Please keep in mind that some promotion codes cannot be used together.
Many products in SmartRain.Store are advertised with various size and color options. The SmartRain.Store has the option of selling these variations at different prices. Once you select the options you want, the price will be adjusted before you add the item to your cart.
To receive help, please contact our Customer Service through, we will gladly answer all your questions and guide you in all the help you need in your orders.
If your order was not processed and denied, it may be possible that your payment has been declined. Here are some reasons why that could have happened. 1-The card is expired. 2- The account does not have sufficient funds. 3.- The card was reported stolen or locked. * If you are using a debit card, make sure you have a CVV and can be billed as a credit card. Your order cannot be placed if the product cannot be sent to your country.
You can find your order invoice by going to your Order History and choosing "Details". Also once you finish making the purchase, you will receive a confirmation to your email. This page, as well as the confirmation email you received, can be used as an invoice for your records. Please keep in mind that stores cannot attach an invoice outside your package for customs reasons.
User feedback (ratings, comments and images / videos) helps our users determine if an item will meet them or fit their needs. To encourage the sending of feedback, SmartRain.Store can offer small incentives, such as special discounts or other benefits within the service. Users can send feedback, including a star rating, comments and photos or videos, of products and stores (merchants). To send feedback, a user must first buy an item. Generally, feedback is reviewed to verify compliance with applicable guidelines and policies before being shown to others. Feedback that does not comply with the guidelines and policies may be edited or not shown to others. For example: 1.- It is possible that comments or images that contain obscenities or other offensive content are not shown to other people. 2.- A review that contains low quality images, for example that are not focused on the article or that are blurred, may not be published or displayed to others but without such image (s). 3.- When the feedback is considered negative, the photos or videos included may not be shown to others. 4.- If a photo or video shows items damaged or manufactured incorrectly, it is possible that said photo or video will not be shown to others. The feedback of the articles is usually presented in chronological order (the most recent first), but the ratings and comments whose feedback includes photos or several comments, is more recent or has generated positive responses, can be presented first. SmartRain.Store can perform tests to better understand what kind of feedback is most useful for other users and what are the best ways to present it.
1.- Buy an item 2.- Review the Community Standards for guidelines. 3.- Find the item in your order history and select "Rate" 4.- Users can provide a star rating without providing comments, photos or videos 6.- Grades are generally published immediately. 7.- Once the feedback has been sent and shown to others, the person who sent it can edit that content. However, any new content can be reviewed to verify compliance with applicable guidelines.
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